27 July 2004

SM Baguio

SM Baguio
SM Baguio, originally uploaded by watson.
This is the topmost floor of SM, the biggest mall in the city by far. There are 4 floors in all. This photo was taken at the topmost floor. This differs from the other SM malls in that it does not have the trademark blockish appearance. Instead, SM Baguio makes the most of the city's cool climate by making the mall as open as possible. The roof is designed to be tent-like, and air can pass through on two ends of the mall.

This design did have a flaw, for when the storm hit Baguio the past couple of weeks, the stairs and escalators became flowing rives and the roofs dripped. The tent-like roofs have since been lowered a couple of notches but I don't think that will prevent a similar incident in the future.

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