30 August 2004


baguio_panorama, originally uploaded by watson.
Here's a panoramic view of some of the more popular parts of Baguio City as seen from atop the SM mall. At the extreme right you can see the Cathedral. At the middle portion is the football field of the Burnham Park (you can also catch a glimpse of the man-made lake where you can rent a boat and idly spend the day rowing around), and at the extreme left is the Athletic Bowl.

The places seem to be quite far from each other, but in Baguio we walk from place to place. It's nice to take strolls around town, especially when the weather is cool, like this time of the year. Heck, you can take a stroll from Baguio Cathedral to the Althletic Bowl within an hour. But I'm sure it'll take more time than that, what with the multitude of sale items and food shops that you will be passing through.

Alas, progress (if I can call it that), has introduced vehicular traffic and its pollution woes, and this mall which everyone protested against so strongly before now stands prominently in the Baguio landscape where the Pines Hotel once stood (it burned down in the late 70's I think), and has had such an impact on the local businesses that many of the standalone cinemas have closed down. We visited one of the local groceries and we only saw a couple of people doing their shopping there! So if you want to see even just a glimpse of the old Baguio charm, go there when there are no fiestas or long weekends, because sharing your photo time in Mines View park with a bunch of strangers standing right beside you is no fun at all.

The photo is acutally a combination of 4 shots and were hastily combined, but I hope you get the picture [pun intended :-)].

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