30 August 2004

inside baguio cathedral

inside baguio cathedral
inside baguio cathedral, originally uploaded by watson.
You can count the number of times I've been in other churches, but the Baguio Cathedral is the place I have visited most since Grade School. This is where I had my first communion and my first Passion of the Cross (I can remember vividly those times because in my first communion, I did not like the taste of the host, but we were treated to burgers and juice afterwards. As for the Passion of the Cross, the entire class marched from cross to cross in the Church grounds and I remembered how my feet ached. Hey, I was a kid then.) In Grade School, we were also required to hear mass every Sunday, and the Baguio Cathedral was nearest our home.

I think I only saw the Christmas star glide across the length of the cathedral once, because I loved staying at home with the other kids and left Misa de Gallo to the elders. (Ahem) Even when I became part of the tax-paying community, I preferred staying at home, sneaking out food, and having fun with preparations with my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, parents.

But for the other early morning masses, we would excitedly wake up, keep ourselves warm with jackets, bonnets, and mufflers, and march up Session Road with our breaths creating mist in the cold December air. The Cathedral beckons with blaring Christmas songs and tolling bells.

When the mass is done, the sun would already be rising from the horizon. Then we buy hot pan de sal from the local bakeshop. You can see the heat escaping from the bread as you tear it open and slide in Dari Creme Butter, which melts into the bread. M-mmmm!

I like seeing the two angels protecting the Heart of the Covenant. In fact, I like visiting the Baguio Cathedral and see its simple magnificence. Aside from quiet commune, the place also brings back a lot of fond memories.

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