26 August 2004


TTI_homepage, originally uploaded by watson.
I'm posting a screenshot of the Trends & Technologies, Inc. (www.trends.com.ph) homepage for posterity's sake here. I did this site for around 4 months at night in 2000. I even asked a special permission to report to work late in the morning because sometimes I'd work on it til the wee hours of the morning. I had to do everything from scratch, and at that time HTML was a familiar term to only 2 people in our office: me and Sir Benjie, a technical guy. So I did not exactly get any help from anybody else.

Anyways, it's 2004, and I guess it's about time for an overhaul. Only this time somebody else is going to do it. He will be using scripts to dynamically update the site, with lots of cool features like its own search engine, mailing list management, management tool for updating the site, etc etc.

It will be great to see a fresh layout for a change, and I'm all excited for the internal site that's being made too, but I will surely miss this old look. *sniff*. It'll pass.

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