25 June 2008

Book, Film, and Food

The tragic events of the last weekend has sent me spiraling into a sort of depression stage; I did not feel like writing or going through my usual internet haunts. But I have to snap out of it and so here goes my post of sorts after a couple of days moping about:

Book and Film
We visited the new National Bookstore along Makati Avenue just to see what they can offer so we can just run to their shop in case we need something instead of going all the way to Glorietta.
The book on my table

But lo and behold! This book caught my eye and sat there, begging to be bought. I picked it up immediately I felt a connection... that it's going to bring me to a wonderful adventure. And so just a few minutes later, we were walking back to the office with Spiderwick Chronicles in tow.

I am down to the last chapter, which I reserved for tonight. And my reaction compared to the movie adaptation? Reading the book is waaaaay better than watching the movie.

The movie was able to faithfully adapt the book from the beginning only up to the time where they find the boggart's nest in the kitchen. From that point on, you recognize only bits and pieces of the book, such as the visit to their Aunt Lucinda (wait... that story was also interestingly different). A lot of the twists and tales in the book was changed to make a rushed version for the movie. That said, I gained a better appreciation of the book, and certainly deserves the New York Times Bestseller Serial recognition.

'm not saying that the movie was not great; in fact, it was quite an enjoyable fare. And I would not have bought the book had it not been for the movie. But since the movie "took a life on its won" (after all, how would you fit two hours' worth of storytelling from a 5-part series?), reading the book was like seeing a whole new world of Arthur Spiderwick, and it was quite an adventure!


And Food.
I was in Walter Mart Makati when I espied the Japanese Grocery Store at the second floor and I remembered JMom's post on Furikake which I stumbed upon her food blog while hopping around.

I made a beeline for the shop and went straight to the counter. "Do you have Furikake?", I asked. The shop clerk's face brightened up and led me straight to the row of the mysterious "seasoning". Since there were many flavors to choose from, I asked which was the most popular, and he indicated chicken. Whoops... I forgot momentarily my DotheGreenThing pledge to choose veggies (or fish) over meat and went home with the chicken variety.

Furikake is simply a Japanese seasoning that is meant to be sprinkled over rice. I'd love to mention here the ingredients of the one I bought, but it's in Japanese. I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely blog about it soon. Mine was P135.00 a bottle. Feeling adventurous? Radish Boy has a recipe in making your own.
This version costs P75.00 each.
On the way to the cashier, I chanced upon these Meiji chocolates. I normally get headaches from indulging in chocolates, but I've found out that black chocolate actually agrees with me. So I bought a bar.

This post has officially made me hungry and longing to go back home to finish the book.

UPDATE (June 26)
I just had my second meal with Furikake awhile ago. Last night, I had some too at Chowking (yeah, I now keep the Furikake in my bag). Ummm... I think I put too much on my rice. The taste was strong for me. I think I put too much. I'll sprinkle only a little bit next time and mix it up with the rice.

And I have finished reading Spiderwick Chronicles as well. And guess what... even the ending of the book is different from the movie! Strange. huh?


  1. Anonymous12:27 am

    Yeay! nakahanap ka ng furikake! I think you'll like it. :)

    On Spiderwick, my daughters said the exact same thing. There was too many deviations in the movie version. They liked the book better too. I, who hasn't read the book yet, found the movie to be very entertaining. I still might read the book just to see the details you guys are talking about though.

  2. I had my first taste of furikake in 2004 when I first visited my cousin in SoCal whose husband is a Jap-American. It IS splendid with rice, I can guarantee that! And for P135 a bottle, I think it's decently priced too. Enjoy Nick! :)

  3. JMom: do read the book when you have the time. I'm sure you will enjoy it as well.

    Jet: 2004... ang tagal na nun ah. I want to try the other flavors too! Miss you, Jet!

  4. FURIKAKE!!!

    ang nag-introduce sa akin nyan was Jet when she went to visit me the first time sa california pa. Grabe, nakakarami ng kain, pramis. I can't remember the brand i have at home and the flavor i have pero masarap talaga!!!!

  5. Anonymous11:28 am

    Sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, "Don't judge the book by its movie" LOL

  6. Ate Sienna: Kasama ko itong Furikake wherever I go :-)

    Apol: True, true. hehe

  7. you have to expect numerous deviations when watching movie adaptations of popular novels because two to three hours of screen time is never enough to put a particular novel/book to life. still in my own humble opinion, lord of the rings should be the yardstick.


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