01 July 2008

Wanted: a movie review

Can you bend bullets? If so, you're one of the lucky few in the planet who can do so, and you can become a member of the Fraternity!

The movie centers on the humdrum life of Wesley Gibson: an office employee whose existence is tormented by constant stress from life and work. And just as he thinks that this is all there is to his life, he learns that he is the son of an assassin, and that his father was recently killed and he was being recruited to avenge his father's death. It turns out that the stress symptoms he was experiencing was actually a manifestation of a rare ability: the blood rush enables him to be more alert, quick, and sensitive to his surroundings, performing extraordinary feats that are close to being superhuman.

What follows after he leaves office life with a bang is a life of violence and brutality as he is trained to harness and control his power, and he learns to kill without regret.

The Fraternity is a group of assassins that has survived for centuries, killing indiscriminately as dictated by Fate itself. Kill one, save thousands. That's their motto. Although I don't exactly feel like getting orders from a weaving machine. Oops, one spoiler out.

So how easy is it to bend a bullet? Easy. Shoot your blood pressure to an unbelievable high that it zaps through your brain, enabling you to see things in slo-mo, and with designer bullets and a signature move that defies physics, the bullet will hit the mark in a trajectory. And while you’re at it, why not do ravishing stunts with your car? They’d call it bullet time, I call it surreal. There are a lot of things in this movie at are not at all possible in real life. It’s impossible! It’s surreal!

And I love it! I went in the cinema a bit skeptical (the trailer was too much I think, but Angelina Jolie was in it so what the heck) and we came out with an adrenaline rush! Never a dull moment. A couple of laughs, a lot of jaw-dropping action scenes, and with a nice twist to the story.

PS. I learned that this is a loose adaptation from a comic book. Save for 300, I think loose adaptations are becoming a trend. I wonder to what extent do the creators agree to having their work revised?


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    I LOVED the movie! Super loved the treatment of Wesley's anxiety attacks. And James McAvoy's a great actor ha. Loved how he transitioned in the film. And I also love how Angelina's sexiness didn't overpower the film. Everything was just right. Astig!

  2. i have always loved angeline jolie. so far she's the only female action star who is incredible.

  3. Toni: Yes, the movie was very nicely done, the characters portrayed their parts effectively, and the story was solid.

    Cathy: You should not miss this then, Angelina Jolie was superb!

  4. Anonymous5:17 am

    Movie was great. the only thing is that they should not have killed angelina just in case there'a sequel.


  5. Hubby and I watched the movie on our 8th Anniversary. :) We really enjoy the fast paced and exciting scenes.


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