16 June 2008

White Island Sandbar at Camiguin

Picking off from where we left at Cagayan de Oro, our next destination was a short trip to Bukidnon's pineapple plantation, followed by the sea travel to the lovely island Camiguin. This island is so beautiful, with majority of the roads well-paved. Lots of greenery, very clean, and lots of schools too! That was an amazing part. We saw a lot of schools, considering that it is quite a small island.

I am devoting a blog post for the wonderful White Island just off the coast of Paras Beach Resort in Barangay Yubing. All it takes to get to this island is a banca ride of less than ten minutes.

The sandbar is uninhabited, although there are manmade shelter areas in one area of the island which, I believe, is the part that doesn't sink come high tide. The sand is white and, though not as powdery as Boracay's, is still a delight to feel the sand between your toes.

Early morning is the best time to explore this sandbar due to space and sun considerations. Oh, and there are souvenir sellers and food on the island, too!

The sandbar with Camiguin Island in the background

Jump for joy!

This ocean is alive!

It's just the place to unwind.


  1. camiguin has been on my to go to places since forever, our plan to go there has been moved and postponed and moved and postponed i've lost count kung ilang beses nang napurnada. i'll definitely do that jump kapag nagkaron na ng realization ang pagpunta namin!

    i love the fish shot although parang nakakatakot maglangoy dun, baka gawin ka nilang pulutan hehe.

  2. Zherwin: Parang yung trip namin sa Cagbalete Island? hehehe

  3. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Ganda naman dyan. Kasama ba sina Tina?

  4. Ann: Yes po. Ang ganda talaga sa Camiguin!


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