12 December 2008

Artoo Detour

I was walking in Johnsonville Mall one day when i stopped in my tracks. R2D2! Right in front of a store chock full of Lego boxes!

The astromech driod was waist-high and is itself made of Lego. But its dome would occasionally swivel, lights would blink, and beeps and whistles would elicit awe.

They had lots of Star Wars Lego items on sale. Tempting!

It reminded me of the R2D2s I left in Baguio. They're all packed away, waiting for the day to be displayed on a display cabinet once more.

I still have a small memento though... this Lego R2 unit went aboard the plane with us.

Here's to having more astromech droids in my collection! One of my simple pleasures.


  1. mas cute pa rin si J-Lo.

  2. Cathy: well, that's true! May pinagmanahan e.

  3. Are you buying the big one by the door? :)

  4. interesting collection. at ibang klase na talaga ang mga nagagawa nila sa Lego no? which suddenly brings up the question... bakit nga ba hindi pa kami napapsyal sa Legoland? hmmm...

  5. Is there a new Lego Star Wars line kaya may display silang ganyan?

    Btw, my blogs have been updated. And there's news about the P3 reunion at the Ornery blog. ;)

    ...Plugging na naman. Hehe...

  6. Jet: Naku, kung may pagkakataon na makapunta ako sa Legoland, I shall go go go!

    Meowok: Ay, thank you sa mga balita! Yes, there are new Star Wars toys available. And I want!

  7. Anonymous8:14 pm

    i want to have this..


    pero wala budget :-)

    john p.

  8. John: Naku ako rin gusto ko nito... pero halos 8,000 pesos! waaaah


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