09 December 2008

St Mary of the Angels in Wellington

Yesterday, December 8, is commemorated by the Catholic faithful as the feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception. We dropped by the St Mary of the Angels in Wellington to say our prayers.
St Mary's is located along Boulcott Street in the busy commercial center of Wellington. It's a magnificent place. I am sure Filipinos congregate here on weekends to celebrate the mass.
St Mary's has an expansive display of stained glass windows. The faces are intricately drawn. It reminded me of the stained glass windows of the Baguio Cathedral.


  1. Wow. Apparemtly I haven't been updated, nasa NZ ka pala. Have you met fellow Pinoy bloggers there?
    Advance Merry Christmas!

  2. hello Fionski! Unfortunately, wala pa. Yung kakilala kong blogger, nasa Auckland :-(. It's a good 9 hour trip by land from Wellington.


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