01 December 2008

The paper trail

One of the interesting things I learned about Wellington is that there is always a sizeable amount of information that can be had on paper for free.

Before, we had a "no junk mail" sign posted on our mailbox. But being relatively new to the place, we are curious to know what type of junk mail one can receive. And so we removed the tag preventing us from getting these. A lot of the unsolicited mail are catalogs on sale days and deals you can get from department stores. That one's no surprise. But interestingly, we also get free newspapers such as the Wellingtonian which features local stories and ads. I borrowed an arts and crafts book from the library to try out papier mache and origami from paper headed for the kiwi bin.

If you want to learn about apartments and rooms for rent, try visiting your local supermarket. They usually have a notice board where you can post your advertisements for free. They even provide you with the paper to write on. You can find room or house vacancies, babysitters, garden trimmers, Spanish lessons, guitar and violin lessons, and even garage sales in these boards.

These supermarkets also carry recipes bound together like pad paper. Simply tear off a copy of the ones you are interested in.

And also in selected areas such as the Library and in the Central Train Station at Wellington, there are a number of brochures and free newspapers you can get. The catalogs often feature used cars and houses for sale; these can give you a general idea of the going rate for cars and house in the current market.

I think the bulletin board is a great idea for a small town atmosphere, such as Baguio City. People can trade more openly and it fosters a feeling of community spirit.

PS It's December 1st... Happy Birthday Leo! Belated Happy Birthday Sonny and Jhunix!


  1. Nice way to promote information, but it sounds like an awful lot of paper is being used. Sana recycled paper sila...

  2. Meowok: my sentiments too.

  3. I'm not pessimistic about it but in Baguio?

    After a few days of posting in that community bill board you will see writings/vandalism on that board...it's evident in the walls of the city. Gang Graffittis everywhere.

    And the free newspaper? MRT has Libre from Inquirer and its a good idea to post free ads there...I hope someone from Baguio will do such thing too...but i hope that the others will not be that "gahaman" in newspapers...you know Pinoys love taking free stuffs...and that newspaper...if even if they don't need it..they will get three or four copies even if they only need one...hehe

  4. Idiosyncrasies: The message board is inside the supermart so in a way that protects it from vandals. It just looks so much like a community effort that it will definitely be a nice thing for everyone. Yeah I also know about the free MRT newspapers and too bad, I also know that some people like getting more than one copy. :-(

  5. Good source of info those free newspapers...

  6. Good source of info those free newspapers...

  7. Sidney: yup, local news!


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