10 February 2009

Taputeranga Marine Reserve

We were at Island Bay last month looking for a new place to move into and we sort of got lost and ended up walking along the road by the beach. The view there was breathtaking! The ocean was bluer than in other areas, the ragged terrain looked like it was something out of this world.
We walked along this road - the Promenade - which runs through the southern coast of Wellington. It was a very windy day, so much so that strong gusts would occasionally blast sand and small stones into the air.

Very visible is the Taputeranga Island. As a marine conservation area, the island is being rehabilitated to become home to indigenous plant species, with natural protection by the sea from occasional intruders.

There are also many species of fish and aquatic life in the area as a result of the combination of cold and warm waters converging in this area.

The place is truly a photographer's dream. A natural beauty, it is also a popular place for research and efforts are being made to conserve the area. We got lost, but along the way we found this wonderful place!


  1. Maglilipat kayo? Good luck in finding a new place! :)

  2. Blogexpat: good to know the community is doing well!

    Meowok: actually nakalipat na kami :-). Last Friday.

  3. wow ang daming updates...tagal ko rin kasi hindi nakabasa eh...

  4. Idiosyncrasies: kumusta na? ok yung bakasyon mo last december ah. may photos na sa blog mo? matingnan nga...


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