22 February 2009

Filipino mass in Wellington

13April 2011 Update: Filipino mass is no longer being celebrated at Johnsonville. For the updated schedules, please visit the Filipino Chaplaincy website. Thank you.


I remember going to mass on a Sunday in the Philippines is an event by itself, especially in Manila and in Dolores, Quezon. During weekends, entrepreneurs are usually allowed to display their wares outside the church grounds and it looks like a small fiesta when the mass is ended and people would troop to their favorite vendor and buy pasalubong or to eat on the walk home. It is usually food, ranging from cooked meals, rice cakes, fruits, cold treats, and street food.

A Filipino atmosphere is prevalent here in Johnsonville, Wellington every third Sunday of the month at 12:00PM. For this is the Filipino mass, with the priest saying mass in Filipino, the songs in Filipino, and the masses of churchgoers have predominantly black hair and beautiful brown complexion.

And when the mass is finished, you will find yourself squeezing along the corridor with Filipino favorites on sale: rice cakes, smoked fish (tinapa), hopia, siopao, dinuguan, pancit! Aside from catching up on comfort food, it's a nice place to meet fellow Filipinos as well.

Catch the Filipino mass at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, located in 29 Dr. Taylor Terrace, Johnsonville. Learn more about the Filipino Chaplaincy in Wellington at Filathome.


  1. It's good that you have found a place to fulfill your spiritual (and gastronomical) needs. ;)

  2. meowok: pagkain pa rin ba nasa isip? hehehe!


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