04 July 2009

Fiesta sa Wellington 2009

Palarong Fiesta
24 October 2009
Horticultural Hall, Lower Hutt

Remember playing these games?
• Patintero
• Sipa
• Bunong-braso
• Sangkayaw
• Siato
• Piko
• Culliot (tug-of-war)
• Touch ball
• Sack race
• Chinese garter
• Limbo rock
• Trumpo
• Karang/Kadang-kadang (stilt race)
• Going-to-market
• Message Relay (Filipino words)

Do Filipino children still play them? Or are they now part of the past that is slowly being forgotten and is fading from Philippine society's consciousness?

For the first time here in New Zealand, at the Fiesta sa Wellington (Labour Weekend Filipino Reunion 2009), you will have the opportunity to play the games lolo and lola played.

Anybody can play – the young or the young once. All you need to do is show up at the Horticultural Centre, Lower Hutt, Wellington on the 24th of October, 10:00am, register at the booth and you are ready to play.

And of course, prizes will be awarded to winners! So, bring your family along, join the games and have fun.

For inquiries, please contact:

Didith Tayawa-Figuracion
Palarong Fiesta Coordinator

Phone: 04-8196281 (daytime)
Mobile: 027-4782031
Email: ck_i_am.trading@paradise.net.nz

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