18 February 2010

Adidas + Star Wars = Limited Edition + I Want!

What an unlikely partnership. A sporting label and a science fantasy franchise. I saw this first at the Adidas Store in Wellington CBD. My Star Wars Radar immediately zoomed in on the AT-AT cardboard figure on the store's display window but I was in the bus enroute to work and that happened for a couple more times before I was able to go to the store front... but only to the store front because I just might... just might be tempted to buy something, and the Force in that store is quite strong.

So I did not actually get to see the entire merchandise and decided to see it through the Adidas website instead.

The site is integrated with Facebook, and it said I needed to connect to Facebook to get the full experience. I'm easy to talk to, and so I did. And then I got transported to a scene from ANH where Princess Leia's home planet was going to be blasted into smithereens, but this time it's Planet Earth. Holey moley, I saw my Facebook photo in one of the Death Star monitors! That was fun.

After this movie clip, the site then goes to the merchandise. I must say, the Adidas interpretation of classic Star Wars elements with the shoes are spot-on. I'm not a fan of the Tie-Fighter shoes though, but the rest is cool.

It's very nice how the white sneakers were inspired by the Storm Troopers, the earthy shoes from Yoda's Dagobah, and loads more. You have to visit the website to see it. Really nice.

I also like the sweaters and shirts a lot! I'm a big fan of the Millenium Falcon and having this on the hoodies and shirts are cool. I wish though that they also have something with Artoo on it.

I wonder if they will go on sale? Most unlikely :-(


  1. I saw some of the shoes at a store in Greenbelt. Most of them made me go "eh?" kasi parang pilit at di mo kagad mage-gets yung SW inspiration.

  2. Hi, Nick. The Star Wars fanatic in me just kicked in. I swear I would want those kind of stuff too!
    I hope it will be available here at a cheaper price :)

  3. Meowok: ay talaga? So mas maganda sya sa poster vs actual?

  4. Hi Dodong! Dito, you get a limited edition bobble head when you buy Star Wars merchandise! Nakaka-tempt talaga.

  5. Maganda sila, pero di ko lang na-gets kagad na SW-inspired pala sila. But that's just me. Depends on your personal preference pa din. Hehe.


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