02 February 2010

Recession + WTR = Broken dreams

Unfortunately, not everything is fun and games here in New Zealand. Like any other place in the world, this country is not recession-proof. My family also got a feel of the recession when we arrived last September of 2008. I was without work for about 4 months and I could not even get a part time job. I was lucky to have been able to land a job in December when a huge majority of businesses close down for the holidays.

Still, overall the Philippines came off the worse as our people flocking to New Zealand with Work to Residence Visas found that they cannot find work and dreadfully realize that their savings and the money they got from selling all their stuff and land back home are dwindling before their very eyes.

My wife got a first-hand experience of recession affecting our fellow Filipinos when she was met by a mother with two kids. She could not find a job and was at a loss what to do anymore and her kids were asking if they have to leave school. Uprooting your family to move to another country is indeed a serious matter, and armed with skills which they believe is in demand they forge courageously, only to find out the demand is not as advertised.

Read about these stories to learn more. This links were shared in a mailing list I am a member of and I feel the need to share these.

Philippines to warn would-be job-seekers

Immigrants face school headache

'Frivolous' migrant visas shatter hopes, dreams

Stats summary for the Work to Residence scheme (2009):

*Top source countries for applications approved:*
Philippines: 281 (74 per cent)
Great Britain: 25 (7 per cent)
India: 22 (6 per cent)
China: 11 (3 per cent)
Malaysia: 11 (3 per cent)

*** Total WTR applicants: 681

*Top source countries of migrants who failed to find skilled employment:*
Philippines: 150 (50 per cent)
Singapore: 43 (14 per cent)
Malaysia: 22 (7 per cent)
India: 21 (7 per cent)
Great Britain: 15 (5 per cent)

The statistics says it all.


  1. This is sad... lets hope the recession will not last too long anymore...

  2. Very scary and depressing... :(


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