25 February 2010

PYO at the Blueberry farm

This is another one of those welcome phone rings on a sunny weekend and an impromptu invitation to do something interesting. The sun had been hiding most of the time on weekends and so sunny days are bound to get people up and about!

Located only around half an hour away is the Blueberry Farm where you can PYO (pick your own) blueberries. But it's not just fruit picking that you can do here. There's also a gentle river within the compound with crystal clear water where guests can enjoy a dip.

And that is what we did before we went blueberry picking.
After lunch by the river, we proceeded to the farm where the berries await. But first, you need to get your bucket beside the dessert cafe...
... and have a short, leisurely stroll to the farm

And it's berry picking time!

We returned to the dessert cafe and had some sorbet to while away the rest of the afternoon.

We were quite intrigued by this bird which appears quite domesticated!
Thank you, Hope and Erick and kids for inviting us over to this weekend break!
As for our berries, we cooked yummy blueberry muffins and blueberry sauce back home. Visit adobongblog for the recipes!

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