02 May 2010

Update to: Your help is needed

30 April 2010 update:
Mike Molero and family (wife Jane and 2 children) departed from New Zealand to return to the Philippines on 30 April 2010. Although KASAGIP is still in the middle of its fund raising for Mike, Mike was able to temporarily find a sponsor to finance part of their plane ticket provided that Mike pay it back regularly when he finds employment back home. To continue supporting Mike, KASAGIP has made an agreement with Mike and decided to continue with the Kiddie Martial Arts weekend program which will run for a few more weeks with one of Mike’s tutees (Brics) as the instructor. Mike’s weekend work programme had to be cancelled.
Source: KASAGIP Charitable Trust website

May God bless you and your family, and put you in a better position to continue to help others.
If you have forwarded my initial email to friends kindly forward this email to them as well.

Previous post dated 28 April:
We have a brother who needs our help.  Mike Molero and his family were given up to May 2 to leave the country by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Mike came to New Zealand two years ago.  Mike brought in his wife Jane and Danielle (5) early last year under favorable circumstances.  Then there were changes in Mike's work arrangement that affected their positioning in New Zealand.  Also, in February, new baby Victoria was born to the family.

On behalf of Mike and his family I am asking for your help.  We are raising a total of NZ$5,000 to fund transportation to the Philippines.  At the time of writing this letter we have raised NZ$1,000.

We are praying that you would help us raise the rest of the fund required.

You may deposit any amount to the following National Bank account:
Account Name:  Michael Molero
Account Number: 060541-022347700
Bank Branch: Johnsonville, Wellington

Please forward this letter to your friends.  We can use all the help we can get.  This request is valid up to May 2 only.

Thank you.

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