12 May 2010

Stamps evolved

If there was one thing I missed doing back in the Philippines that I rediscovered here in New Zealand, it's the visit to the Post Office. Or the Post Shop, as they call it here. Post Offices hold a certain anticipation for me as I either send off a letter or package, all the while imagining how it will travel across oceans and how it will bring a smile to the recipient. There's a sort of build-up of anticipation that you cannot experience with the spontaneity of e-mail.

The Post Shop here is rather different from the Philippines' though. For one, it provides a more diverse range of services: from banking (yes you heard it right. KiwiBank owns Post Shop), renew your car's registration, and post some mail through.

But I digress. I'd like to talk about the stamps.

I'm a sentimental old fool, aren't I? But buying stamps also reminded me of my colourful like as a philatelist way back in high school with two of my best friends. We'd scour stores that sell stamps by bulk and swap or keep them. I made my high school report based on stamp collecting (which is very memorable because I placed one of my rare German war stamps along with a valued few from my collection expecting my report to be returned, and it wasn't).

Well, back to the present. My wife needed some stamps and so I bought 5 dollars worth of 50-cent stamps. And I was given this set of stamps in a booklet. I was initially puzzled about it because I did not see perforations. And then I deduced the stamps must be sticker-type.

So, if they are stickers, are they qualified to be stamps? It will definitely take some getting used to. However, the "regular" stamps are still available over the counter.

I tried searching for more information about these new stamps and I found this service from Post Shop: personalize your stamp! Choose a favorite photo and you can use this for your own set of stamps for a base price of $20.90 for 20 stamps! Amazing, isn't it?

Now, would that qualify for a collectible stamp as well? One thing's for sure though. It would be a nifty pasalubong for friends back home who love to collect stamps!


  1. Philately somehow was one of my interest back in my elementary days. I just didn't have the patience and dedication to fuel the passion...

    A personalized stamp is very interesting. Though I'm not sure it would qualify for a collectible stamp.

    But I must agree. It would make a nice present for your friends and relatives back here in the Philippines...

  2. Dodong: For private collection :-)

    Whenever I see a stamp, I get the urge to collect it. Nasa dugo ko na I guess ang stamp collecting, although I do not actively go out to search for them anymore.


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