18 May 2010

Subscribe to Manila Bulletin e-paper for free

I mentioned in a previous post months ago that the Wellington City Libraries is providing access to a number of electronic newspapers worldwide which includes a couple from our own country. However you need a Library card in order to access these.

Well, here's another way for you to get your Philippine news fix. Manila Bulletin is offering its e-paper version for free! This is different from the website version in that you get the actual newspaper, advertisements, column layouts, and all.  But it's not on paper.  It's on e-paper!

You need to register however, but this is also free. I was a bit concerned though about requiring to have my postal address and other required details in the registration process. What do they need it for? I did not see the connection with subscribing to something that's online. But register I have and so far I have not received any spam or unwanted phone calls. Their privacy policy does state that information is presented to advertisers, but only in the form of aggregated statistics, and I would prefer it to stay that way.

Kudos to Manila Bulletin for providing this service. Learn more at the Pressmart website.

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