05 April 2011

Block Rosary

I was surprised to see a special guest to our home early last week.  Mother Mary has come to visit us for a week.  This is called Block Rosary, which is quite popular in the Philippines.  It is thus named because a 'block' of families gather as one to pray the Rosary.  Mother Mary visits a house where she stays for a predetermined length of time, and families would go to that house to pray the rosary.  When Mother Mary moves to another house, a mini-procession usually ensues, accompanied with candles and solemn singing.

Such a spiritual atmosphere can be truly moving.  And I am happy to note that the Filipino community here in Wellington has a Block Rosary as well, thanks to the Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council - Archdiocese of Wellington.

We do not exactly have Filipino families around the neighborhood to join us, so it's usually just us and a friend.

The Rosary Block can be availed of by Catholics in the region.  Here are some excerpts from the guide that comes with Mother Mary for information and contact details:

Our Blessed Mother Mary wants to visit you, your family, and all other families.
Help us find and encourage all families to pray and learn about our Catholic faith.
For any queries please contact our Chaplain Fr Ambet 021 541 841 or Archie Araza 021 140 3344, or Alex Nagrampa 021 0481216 or Manny Villanueva 478 5495.

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