23 April 2011

Visita Iglesia

Visita Iglesia is a traditional Catholic tradition practised in the Philippines during the Lenten season.  It literally means "Church Visit", and it is just that: a visit to seven Churches while contemplating on the fourteen stations of the cross.  Two stations are meditated on per Church.

Friends organized a Visita Iglesia and we were happy to be able to join.  This is normally done on Maundy Thursday, but because we still have work on that day, we did it on Good Friday instead.  Our pilgrimage was capped off with a 3:00PM mass where the passion of Christ was commemorated.

Our trip started with St Andrew's  at Newlands.

We then proceeded to Sts Peter and Paul in Johnsonville.  There was a large group, however, who was doing the Station of the Cross and so we prayed outside.
We proceeded to St Joseph in Mt Victoria.  It is a beautiful Church, and is where the Filipino Chaplaincy is based.

Next in line is the Holy Cross at Miramar.

After lunch break, we visited St Anne at Newtown.

The early afternoon found us at Sacred Heart in Thorndon

The last stop of our journey is at St Mary of the Angels along Boulcott Street in the city.

We arrived just in time for the mass.

It was a meaningful journey, and was the perfect time to contemplate on God's limitless love for us.  I'd like to thank my friends who made this possible.

(For a narrative on the Way of the Cross, go to the Visita Iglesia website)

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