07 April 2011

Pa-sine sa Johnsonville

Jesus of Nazareth
6 p.m. Friday, 08 April 2011
Sts Peter & Paul Parish Church
Dr Taylor Terrace
Johnsonville, Wellington

Entry by Koha*
All proceeds go to Caritas for Christchurch earthquake appeal.
Refreshments are provided.

This reminds me of Holy Week back in the Philippines, when the regular shows on TV are suspended and in place are videos portraying Jesus and the prophets. And since it is the summer break, we would be in the province when I was a kid but we would not be able to play much because we would be told by our elders to be careful because if we hurt ourselves, the cuts and bruises will take a long time to heal if it happens on Holy Week. So we stay in the house most of the time and watch whatever is on TV. But if we were in Baguio, it's a different story altogether because tourists would flock to the city and it seems there's a lot of things going on, making it more challenging to do the fasting and prayer....

* Giving koha is the practice of bestowing an unconditional gift where the recipient has neither stipulated that it be given, nor has any expectation of receiving it. It is an integral part of Maori culture and significant protocol is attached to it. Traditionally, koha has taken many forms but in more recent times it has tended to be in the form of money. (definition borrowed from the University of Waikato website: http://www.waikato.ac.nz/official-info/index/docs/koha-and-donations-policy)

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