16 June 2011

My kind of tagging

"Tagging" is the local term in New Zealand for vandalism.  This is a prevalent problem here, and a number of measures have been taken to curb this, such as imposing an age limit to those who buy spray paint, and meting punishment to those caught in the act.

There is, however, another form of tagging that's eliciting more positive than negative responses, and it involves yarn.  They call it graffiti knitting.  Instead of defacing public property with paint spray (and getting the general ire of the public), graffiti knitting is given a lot more thought to how the knitted pattern is made and placed.  In a sense it's still defacing public property, but in a cute and fun sort of way.

There's this vacant lot that I pass through on my daily commute to work whose fencing sported the words "You are doing OK".  It's no longer there, burned I think by somebody who had nothing else to do.  But it's really been a good message to see early in the day.  Positive vibes!  I've been wondering who put it up... and now I know.

I think Outdoor Knit is doing a great job at making people smile.  It also adds a great vibe to Wellington in general, as this is seen as the culture capital of the country.  And their work adds quirky fun to the city.

Keep it up!

Related link: Yarn bombers hit Courtenay Place tripod - Outdoor Knit has said in their blog that they did not do this stunt... but like it just the same.  I chanced upon the area yesterday and it's still there!
Photo credit: Outdoor Knit

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