02 June 2011

There goes Wellywood

The proposed Wellywood sign has had its share of the limelight for the past few weeks.  Well, it had actually been in the drawing board since last year, but construction was held off (also slated for June).  And when announced that it was pushing through this year, it had received yet again a public outcry, with more people opposing than in favour of it.

Personally I have been watching the events unfold from the sidelines, neither favouring nor opposing the sign.  Hollywood isn't making it easy either.  But with the airport now holding off on the construction and is looking for alternatives, perhaps they might look at something that will be a more unique identifier for the successful Wellington-based film industry.

If I were asked my suggestion, it would be something like the figure we see at Courtney Place reminiscent of War of the Worlds but this one's got a camera mounted on it.  So in essence it would not spell out what we want to say, but would demonstrate the film-industry's success so far.

I saw an artist's rendition of hobbit houses along the hillside.  I think that's one clever idea.

My suggestion would be to place an iconic figure there.  One thing comes to mind: King Kong.  And with the site right beside the Airport, I think it will be quite something having King Kong there and the airplanes flying about.
This could be a massive undertaking though, given the steep hillside and strong winds...

Or perhaps a unique, massive sculpture can be placed there that capitalizes on the strong winds in the area to create a moving masterpiece...

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