09 June 2011

Undercover Boss' Baja Fresh Episode: inspiring

One of my favourite TV shows currently is Undercover Boss where a top management personnel (usually the CEO or General Manager) works with the ranks disguised as a trainee.  All the episodes I have seen so far have been great, but this one tops the list so far and has prompted me to blog about it.

Baja Fresh CEO David Kim worked undercover and met 4 people working in these stores.  David helped prepare food, man the cash register, deliver food, bus the tables, and clean the floors and toilets.  At these times he also learned what makes the business work, and more importantly what keeps these people engaged with their work, even when life gives them a bad turn.

David himself shares some aspects of his life that shows how we can all be so different and yet so similar with our circumstances in life.  And I think that at the start he ventured on discovering how to make the business succeed further, but towards the end of his undercover stint, he also rediscovered himself amongst the people he interacted with.

It was truly an inspiring episode.

Here are some related links if you were not able to catch this on TV:
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