04 October 2011

Challenge Young Motors: service with a smile

Thought I'd put in a good word for the good people at Challenge Young Motors, a petrol /vehicle service station at Ohariu Road in Johnsonville.

We had a dilemma one weekend: a flat tyre.  This is the first time we experienced this, and so we asked around where the best place would be to have it fixed without worrying about how much it will cost us.

We also realized we did not have the tools necessary to temporarily replace the tyre with the reserve.  We have  the AA service to thank for that.  I used one of my call-outs to have the tyre replaced.  The technician arrived less than half an hour after I phoned.  Another exceptional service company, AA is, by the way.

So my friend Glen advised me to have it checked at Challenge, which is the nearest service station in the neighbourhood.  So I drove there and had the flat tyre promptly checked.  The mechanic showed what the problem was, and why it can no longer repaired.  And then they gave us two purchase options: buy a new one, or a second-hand.  I asked them to have a look at the other tyres and they said the others are fine.

I opted for the second-hand tyre; we can change all these when the time comes.  Then they proceeded to replacing the tyre and disposing of the old one.

All this time the staff have been very friendly and accommodating.  The station has a family business feel to it.  I will certainly be back in case I need their service again, and would happily recommend them to friends.

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