12 October 2011

High School Haunted House

I stumbled upon this photo set on Flickr showing Nightmare's Fear Factory's latest victims customers.  My immediate thought was the cleverness in which the people behind this 'haunted house' use web technology to feature their product!  Yeah, pretty lame first reaction I know.  But it really is kind of compelling.  I looked through some photos and the comments that followed (expect some really funny ones, but others can be brutal).  One thing's for sure.  The look on their faces are priceless and it did make me visit their website for more details (and, if I were in their area, might have considered buying tickets too!)  

This surprise find just reminded me of the good old days.  There used to be a carnival set-up in my hometown during Christmas time and there's this Ghost Train which I took a ride in a couple of times.  I haven't the foggiest idea what's in it though because most of the time my eyes were shut tight!

There was also this night fair set up in a local high school which we visited one time.  The students had this haunted house set-up.  You walk through the haunted house with friends (such treats are always best shared with friends) - although I think most of the time we were either crouching or crawling and along the way you get to see such haunted delights as corpses and ghouls.  There were other sights and sounds like accidentally stepping onto marked areas and you get hauled off into jail, and then you end up getting married off!  We only went there once in our entire time at high school but it was so much fun I still remember how it was like.

Oh well, back to the photos!

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