11 December 2011

The OFW Project

We as Filipinos have always associated our families as being close-knit, providing a sense of togetherness which makes other cultures that promote independence a very radical mode of thinking indeed.  But there is a change happening to our society, and it is the direct effect of the deployment of our workforce to other countries.  Our OFWs - or Overseas Filipino Workers - are a blessing to the country in general because their remittances are a boon to the economy.  And to their families, a better standard of living as a result of the monetary compensation.

But are the families really better off?  We now have a large population of children who long for their mother or father (or both) and wish they are around to guide them, and be with them on Family Day at school.  We have parents whose child (usually the eldest) is working abroad to support the siblings through school.

It is such an emotional anguish.  But it is in this same emotional bond that gives our OFWs the strength to be physically separated from their loved ones: a sacrifice that will mean a better life for others.  And many of us can relate to this.  Which must be why Coca-Cola's OFW Project strikes a familiar chord to us all.  This video has been making its way across the internet to our hearts.  Indeed, with Christmas approaching, a season which we all have fond memories of families gathered together for Misa de Gallo and Noche Buena, one cannot wish for anything more.

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