01 December 2011

Sleeping under the stars again

It's been years since I last slept in a tent, under a night sky full of twinkling stars.  The last time I did so was 3 years ago back in the Philippines.  So when opportunity presented itself (a cloudless sky with only a slight breeze), I decided to have a taste of the outdoors once again.  And it's great that my son decided to join me in this journey as well!

Just before the sun dipped below the horizon, we were able to pitch our tent.  It was still spring and the nights can become chilly, so we made sure we had plenty of insulation.
As the sun disappeared, so did the remaining warmth and soon we had jackets and gloves on.  Good thing we came prepared!  But chilly or not, there is always time for a good book before bedtime.

Surprisingly, we had a good night's sleep.  We were snug and comfortable.  Sure, a midnight snack is out of the question, but the thrill of sleeping out with the starts once again was such a comfort.

I was roused from my sleep at around 5:00 AM to the sound of a multitude of birds chirping loudly.  I was not sure what was exactly happening outside, but it was such a ruckus it's like the birds were fighting over food.  But who would be feeding the birds at this hour?  I promptly feel asleep again.

But I woke up again in time to see the sun rise!  It's one of the thrills of camping, to see this spectacle.

And soon enough, breakfast beckoned.  My son roused from his sleep, and we make the ...er.... short trek home.

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