05 October 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 11

We bought some Lego Minifigures Series 11 blind bags recently as they were on sale (3 for $10! Usually $4.99 each).  In this case, we actually bought 5 Series 11 and 1 Series 9 (we were hoping to get the Chicken Man, which looks like a nice addition to our collection).

Here's what we have so far!

Holiday Elf
I like this one primarily because I like collecting Christmassy stuff.  And it dos help that the Elf includes a big gift box and a teddy bear!  The ears are attached to the green cap.

Gingerbread Man
We're happy to get this one!  Such a unique Minifigure.  Nice markings, and the head looks like one of those colourful macarons we see in confectionery shops, with dark chocolate filling.  Really nice minifig overall.

I guess this one's mainly for display purposes, or it can act as a popsicle-eating monster in Jo-Lo's playset...

Mountain Climber
The helmet is similar with the Motorbike riders', but there's lots of markings on the body, and the rope + pickaxe accessories make this a nice addition.

We initially called this one the British Policeman.  Cool helmet!

the Scientist
Very happy to get this one.  This figure actually made news as she is the first ever Lego female scientist.  See today.com and scientificamerican.com as a couple of examples.  So we're really happy to get this minifig!

the Welder
This is one of my favourites.  The design is well thought-out.

Seven minifigures, 16 to go... shall we try for more?  We'd love to have the robot... and the spaceman... and the warrior...

Here is a video of my son opening the blind bags (which he did for 3 nights, 2 per night).

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