08 February 2014

Summer fun at the Raumati Marine Gardens and Beach

On the final weekend of the school holiday, we spent a day with friends at the Raumati Marine Gardens and Beach.  Jo-Lo and I have visited this place a couple of years before with Jo-Lo's friend Russell and his Dad.  At that time, there was a big wading pool at the playground area.
While the playground was fun and so was the wading pool, I think that one of the popular attractions to this park is the miniature train ride.  There were around 4 beautiful trains at that time that were making their rounds and giving rides to the public (for a minimal fee).

When we visited there recently, I was surprised at the transformation of the place.  In place of the wading pool is a new water attraction, definitely with lots more play possibilities than the wading pool, so that is a definite improvement.  The playground itself was expanded.  The kids enjoyed playing at the sand pit and the many slides and swing.
I was personally excited to see the wonderful miniature trains from a couple of years ago, but for this visit I believe there was only 1 long train, snd 1 really short one. I wonder where the others are now.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time at the Gardens and at the beach. The picnic grounds are abundant, with a number of tables and benches available for public use. There's even a couple of grilling tables now!

Here's a video from that fun weekend.

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