24 February 2014

Lego Star Wars Microfighters 75028: Clone Turbo Tank review

We were excited for the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing Fighter and the TIE Interceptor of the Microfighters series, but not so much with the Star Destroyer (looks too simple to justify the price) and the AAT (not a fan of the Droid army), but the Turbo Tank is in middle ground.  It's not as iconic a vehicle as the others but it sure looks good, and the stormtrooper minifig is a nice addition.  After some deliberation (and realizing that these sets are flying off the shelves), we finally bought one.

This set did not disappoint.  The Clone Trooper minifig is great, and it has a bigger-than-usual gun.

And the Clone Turbo Tank looks real nice!

The base uses 2 pieces Lego Technic 1x10 blocks; the wheel axle goes through the holes of these pieces.

And here's a video review of this set, courtesy of Jo-Lo's Hangout:

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