19 February 2014

Lego Star Wars Microfighters Millenium Falcon review

When the Star Wars Minifighters featured in December 2013's Lego catalogue, we were more than excited.  We were jubilant!  Well, the full-size Millenium Falcon set is quite expensive, AND since such sets tend to stay as is, space/storage can be a problem.  So this Microfighters series is truly good news, as they are on a much smaller scale and are definitely more affordable (it is $17.99 at Toy World, with 20% off on special days).

The Millenium Falcon (Model No. 75030) is one of the sets we are after, chiefly because this is such an iconic ship.  And having the Han Solo minifig with this set is such a sweet bonus!

Here is the Han Solo minifig:
Nice print details on the front, pretty much faithful to the movie costume.  Han has a happy face...
...and a passive-aggressive face.

The back is quite simple, but nice print details nonetheless.

And now, for the Millenium Falcon!

Really awesome detail for such a small model.  There's the satellite dish which gets ripped off towards the conclusion of Episode 6, the 'headlights' in front, and the cockpit at the left side.  The windows were printed on, no stickers for this set (yay!)

Here's a closer view of Han Solo, being passive-aggressive on his seat while brandishing his laser gun.

Feast your eyes on various angles of this set:
We love those transparent blue pieces that make up the exhaust port!

There were lots of circular and semi-circular pieces that we have not seen in other sets. This is how the bottom looks like.

There are two flick missiles on top, although it is quite a mission to 'flick' the missiles; it is best to give them a push.

Lego did an amazing job with this one.  We are very happy to add this Millenium Falcon to our collection!

Here's a video at Jo-Lo's Hangout for a review of this set:

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