10 May 2016

Autumn splendour at Arrowtown, New Zealand

Each time we passed by this picturesque mountain, or even catch a glimpse between houses, we couldn't help but stop and stare.  It's unlike anything we've seen before.  Looks like a painting!  This sight is one I will always remember whenever I think of Arrowtown.

Arrowtown in the South Island of New Zealand is a historic mining town.  Early Chinese settlers made their way here as gold miners in the late 1800s.  Many of the buildings that were built during its gold mining heyday have found new life as shops and offices, with new construction following a set of design rules.  The town is successful in that regard - you feel that harmony everywhere you go.

I have never seen so many beautiful trees in one place.  It's like they're vying for attention - vibrant reds, bright yellows, delicate orange - you have to be there to truly appreciate the beauty.  I tried to capture these on camera but it's truly different being there in person.

Look at the tree below - have you ever seen anything so colourful?  Not only does it have these bright yellow leaves, but it also has these red berries that make it look like it's meant for Christmas!


Here's one of the vibrant red trees in the area.

Here's a couple of shots of the town proper, where you can find local merchandise and souvenir items.  Restaurants and cafes also dot the main street.  But you won't find big brand outlets here - which adds to this place's charm.



We were walking though the woods when a shower of leaves glided around us.  It was but a fleeting moment, but it was magical.


Arrowtown is unforgettable.  We weren't able to explore many other areas of this quaint little town due to time constraints, so I hope there will be another chance to visit.

I have shared some photos in my Flickr account.

Head to the Arrowtown website for more information about this wonderful place.


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