17 May 2016

Bonjour, Akaroa!


One of our main stops in our South Island trip is Akaroa, a small town less than 90 minutes' drive south of Christchurch in New Zealand.  It is a popular summer destination, and though we visited in Autumn it still was a lovely time to visit.

Akaroa was home to the French and British in the 1800s, but more so the French I believe.  Their mark is strongly integrated in this town, with the dominant presence of French shops, French people, and the French language.  It's not too difficult to imagine that we stepped out of New Zealand and into a French town altogether!



This is St Patrick's Catholic Church (I have never been in a Church so small!).  It's a beautiful old Church  facing the sports ground and the bay.

We arrived mid-afternoon and the sun was starting to settle.  We visited this Church and spent some time inside.  When we stepped out, the setting sun was reflecting off the waters and bathed the grounds with warmth. It was wonderful.



We bought a kid's rosary for a couple of dollars - and we were pleasantly surprised that it's made in the Philippines!

The Banks Peninsula war Memorial was a sight to behold.  Our timing was impeccable in this instance, as we were there during ANZAC weekend.  It's amazing how the entire nation comes together to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


We stayed in Akaroa til dinnertime, where we tasted the best fish n' chips in town!  Then it's back to Christchurch for the night.


We were there for only a few hours, but there's lots of things to experience and see in Akaroa.  Visit their website to learn more.

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