31 May 2016

Succulent collection update: Adenium and the end of summer

I haven't acquired a lot of new cacti / succulents lately, but there's a particular plant that I am excited about, which have a small specimen of - the Adenium.


Also called the Desert Rose, the Adenium's unique characteristic is its thick caudex (or rootstock).  This makes it appealing to those who would like to grow bonsai, without the "specialist" care required of the commonly used trees (such as the maple, pine, and the Japanese cherry tree).   An added bonus is its beautiful flowers (Google Adenium and you'll find some wonderful specimens).  Mine has a looong way to go but I'm not in a hurry.

I also bought another Mamillaria - the dark coloration in the spiky areas grabbed my attention and thought it was rather unique.


My Aloe Hedgehog started flowering - it does so in winter time, which is a welcome respite to the wet, rainy autumn days we've been having lately.


And it's not just the Hedgehog that's flowering; there's also the Faucaria.  I've been particularly happy with this plant because it's such a hardy little thing.  It's been out in the elements since summer and it has grown quite well despite the sudden cold.  But I have moved this into the sun room for protection from the cold and rain.

And finally, I would like to share this photo I took of the crab cactus, which is also thriving quite nicely.  This was taken in the final days of glorious summer.  The morning sun was streaming through the window, against which my crab cactus is situated.  Its translucent leaves were bathed in sunshine, revealing a complex pattern within.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.


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