12 July 2016

LEGO WALL-E meets Junior WALL-E


For me, WALL-E is not just another movie. This actually has a sentimental value to me.  it was a highly anticipated film back in 2008.  Personally, I was excited for it also because it featured robots, and the lead character looked like Johnny 5!  I was equally looking forward to the merchandise as well.  Which makes me wonder why I only bought 1 action figure from the wide array of choices!

That's Junior WALL-E getting acquainted with other action figures.

Little did I know that this was going to be the final movie that we will watch before we migrated to New Zealand.

Here is a photo of my then-3-year-old son after watching the movie.  We were already in Manila, and were bound for the airport the following day. I love watching films - this blog even turned to a film review blog at some stage.  I had a feeling I will no longer be able to watch as much here in New Zealand (and I was right - mainly because movie tickets are expensive here!) so this WALL-E movie stuck in my mind as the last movie I might watch in the big screen. Ever.

Actually, that's not true.  We've watched Kung Fu Panda, Star Wars, etc in the past but going out is no longer as frequent as in the Philippines - we have to be choosy with the films we watch.

Segue to late 2015 when LEGO Ideas released a WALL-E set.  This set my mind spinning.  Of course I want it!  I only have this small WALL-E action figure that doesn't quite match my love and enthusiasm for the film!  I must have this set!

Off I went to the nearest ToyWorld and got the bad news of all time - all stores have sold out.  Dejected, the sales rep told me that they might release extra sets in 2016.  In hindsight, this was great because the first batch apparently had neck problems - the head kept drooping/swivelling off.  I said to myself, if there would be a new batch released in 2016, I will buy one but not for myself, it would be for Jo-Lo.  Indeed, this problem was fixed and a new batch released.  I bought a set in February and it went in hibernation for Jo-Lo's birthday 4 months down the road!

Was he ever so happy and excited when he opened his gift!  And so was I!

I normally leave him when he builds a LEGO set but this time I would occasionally check his progress.  The main body part was straightforward enough - it's just a box.  It's the neck, head, arms and especially the tracks and wheels which I am interested in.

This is the body.  I think Jo-Lo had an error with the door, but was fixed the next day.

The arms can slide forwards and back, which is accomplished through a technique rod and rubberised technique part.

This is the neck part, which was initially defective from the first batch.

We've found the plant!

This is one amazing set, and I'm so happy that we have this in our collection.  This second batch sold out shortly after I bought ours.  Lucky!

On to the video!

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