17 July 2008

For the kid in all of us

Have you been waiting for Wall-E to arrive at the big screen and wondering how come he hasn't arrived yet? You're not alone. This has got to be the most-delayed, highly-anticipated movie ever.

So what's the next-best thing without Wall-E on film? Wall-E on plastic. Toys, that is. We made our rounds at SM Toy stores one time, but wasn't available yet. However, I chanced upon online articles stating that toys are already available at Toys R Us. Lucky us, we have an outlet here in Manila (specifically at Robinson's Galleria). And lucky me, I was in the area last week. Lo and behold, Wall-E toys galore!

Prices range from 300+ to 2,000 pesos. I bought a U-Repair Wall-E (this one's 300+) to adorn my office table. Just the right size to be inconspicuous! And I like the detail on this toy!

Wall-E, meet Po, Devastator, Gundam, and Yoda.

And one time, we had dinner at Glorietta and the food left an aftertaste (think sinigang na tuna, but the tuna was no longer that fresh. Ugh). So we scouted around for something sweet. Lo and behold! Sweets at the Candy Corner!
Sweets are sold at 100 grams each. You can get a little bit of each until you reach the desired weight. Nice concept, huh? Actually I have been buying sweets and jellybeans from them ten years ago but they get gobbled up quickly at the office... this is a sort of re-captured delight.
I brought a pack home to Baguio which I gave to Jo-Lo. He asked for it to be opened and he was happily rummaging through the Gummi Bears and the Blue Dolphins and the Mushrooms when he suddenly did a double-take and returned the pack to us. He got a worm! Hahaha. He liked the strips (ahas! ahas! he said and proceeded to eat anyways); my wife and I gobbled up most of it.

Here's to the kid in all of us.

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