12 November 2004

The Incredible Incredibles

We caught the 10:30 screening of 'The Incredibles' last night. And boy, the movie was lots of fun! The concept and storyline is a classic good vs evil with some clever twists within (who would have thought of super heroes getting sued!?).

The characters are endearing and humane, the graphics top-notch. And the adventures! Not a single boring moment. The movie was worth sleeping late and waking up very early this morning (we had to go to a golf and country club for ocular inspection). I want to talk about specifics but I might give away the plot and drop some unwanted spoilers, so I'll just say, watch it! But don't take my word for it, visit rottentomatoes.com (my favorite movie database site) and read the reviews!

Pixar Animation does it again. Go catch it in theaters while it's still on!
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