22 November 2004

Ginebra! Ginebra!

This afternoon, we watched a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) tournament. There was nothing to it really, it's just the country's favorite sport, and the main event featured Ginebra, the most popular team ever.

We arrived at the Cuneta Astrodome at 3:30 PM. It was only later that I learned that we were going to sit through the two games. I really didn't care much for the first game, so I amused myself by eating. I had forgotten to bring my Nokia N-gage, so when I had read through most of the latest ish of the Culture Crash comics, I resorted to paying closer attention to my stomach. Which has a side effect: drowsiness. So I rested my head on my wife's shoulders and slept while the fans shouted and cheered for their teams. Yeah, I can be shameless sometimes.

When the main event (Ginebra vs Alaska) came on, I was ready to do my part in cheering Ginebra on to victory. They had quite a substantial lead at the first quarter (around 19 I think), which steadily dwindled til it only became 5 by the third quarter. By the fourth quarter, Alaska was able to valiantly catch up, and the game went into overtime!

Suffice to say, Ginebra lost. Bummer. But I had fun overall. It was great booing the Alaska fans who would shout "Alaska, go go!", so much so that the Ginebra fans were pre-empting this chant and was already booing even before they opened their mouths. The way my wife and I were making excited gestures and making commentaries, we're a shoo-in as hosts of the game.

This is the second time I have witnessed a live PBA game, by the way. And my advice to you is, if you are ever going to buy tickets, make sure you are either in the middle or lower bleachers. The first time I watched a game in Araneta Coliseum, we were in the upper bleachers. It gave us quite a headache looking down, squinting, and regularly scanning the court from side to side to catch the action.

At the half-time, by the way, my wife became star-struck once again, and was able to have her photo beside Mr. Ogie Alcasid (singer / songwriter / actor / comedian) who swooned the audience with a song from his new album, and a shot of the beautiful Ms. Aubrey Miles, who was there to promote her new horror movie (undeniably influenced by the asian hit horror films trend) by rendering a song too.

Now here I am, writing this journal in advance as the clock nears 12 midnight. This coming week is going to be pretty busy for us since the company golf tournament is on the 26th, so my next entry might already be next Saturday. Til then, gotta catch my z's!


  1. Buhay pa pala ang Ginebra. Elibs talaga ako dyan sa team na yan. I've seen them play, ibang klase talaga.
    You play golf?

  2. ei! basketball! i used to watch it also live with friends, now sa TV na lang. isn’t Ginebra amazing? win or lose that is.

  3. Hello fionski! You know, when we have foreign visitors in the office and they see my business card, they always ask, "Ballesteros? How are you related to the famous golfer?" Aaarrgh. I've heard it so many times. At least, may pang ice-breaker hehehe. Nope, I don't play golf. Tennis, a long long time ago. Now I content myself with PS2 hehehe.

    And yes, ok pa rin ang Ginebra kahit wala na yung mga players na nakagisnan ko. matagal na hehehe.

    Hello Amie! Andun pa rin ang Ginabra spirit. Kaya masaya manood at makigulo ng live!

  4. Matindi yata ang mga comp tickets mo at nakakaupo ka pa sa mga malalapit sa stars..aba, di masama ano?

  5. Hi ting-aling! Ano basketball team mo? Nasa lower bleachers lang kami, ang misis ko mahilig lang talagang maki-chika sa mga artista. Feeling showbiz din hahaha


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