01 November 2004

Fun under the sun

I wasn't able to blog as was originally planned, but we're back in Manila safe and sound to surprisingly non-traffic roads (this is my first time to spend All Souls Day on Manila in ten years of residing here).

We spent our vacation in Boracay! It's so nice to be back after two years (we spent our honeymoon here, and wanted to go back ever since). It still amazes me how the find white sand is cool to the touch even under the blazing afternoon sun. And the sunset is as breathtaking as ever!

And of course there's the customary shopping for pasalubong (although this time it was more controlled because I was with an auditor ^-^), and we had a couple of night-outs and met some really cool celebrities! I'll add those posts in later.


  1. hmm sa lagay ba na yan eh may nabuo na? nabuong kuwento ha..sama ng isip mo.

  2. Huwaw! Sarap naman ng vacation niyo!

  3. Welcome back Sir!!! huwaw, nag-honeymoon pala (ulit). I'm sure, tinatamad ka pang pumasok, hehehe.

  4. Uy, kaka-post ko lang, may visitors na! Na-miss ko rin kayo!

    Ang saya-saya sa Boracay! 4 days, 3 nights din kami dun, ang sarap mag-bakasyon!

    May nabuo nga .... nabuong kwento kasi may kasama kaming kabarkada sa room namin. mwehehehe. kwento to da max ika nga.

  5. Uy, honeymoon kayo uli, ha. Galing. I'm sure, nag-enjoy kayong dalawa. I can't wait for summer. Ako naman ang magbabakasyon!


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