18 November 2004

Our first tree

I found one of our ancient photos showing our first Christmas tree at the background (this I talked about in a previous post). The kids are my brothers and sister. Can't recognize who I am in the photo? The cutest of course (the one in the blue jacket). :-)

The rest of the guys are my father's drinking buddies. The lady in front is a good family friend. I remember us spending a night at her place one time. She had lots of Funny Comics stored (famous during that time). I practically spent my entire time there reading about SuperKat, Bing, Bam, Bum and Niknok. In the morning, she cooked us scrambled eggs for breakfast, the kind that you scramble on the frying pan while cooking. I loved the way it was done, and I prefer the eggs done that way til today.


  1. My gawd Nick, that pic must have been taken in the early 70s! Just look at the color of the pic.
    Hmmmm... Nakikitagay ka ba with your Dad and his buddies? You started young ha!

  2. My guess is this was taken late 60's. Probably 65. Asan ung cutest guy? Di ko yata makita. hahahaha

    Biro lang. Kita ko na.

  3. wow! some people hide their old photos, good thing you look aaahhh uhh in that pic. can't wait for more of that

  4. black n white ba yan o colored? heheheh, do you still remember that particular scene na kinunan itong pix na to?, mukhang may party ha? hula ko mga mid 70's yan.
    gusto ko beaten egg na may kamatis.

  5. Hi fionski! Mid-70s na po ito. Actually, umaaligid kami sa mga manginginom para humingi ng pambili ng kendi hehehe.

    Tito Rolly! Grabe naman, na-murder ata age ko hehehe.

    Hello Amie. Ipo-post ko yung isa ko pang old photo sa baguio blog ko, related kasi dun sa bahay na tinirhan namin noon.

    Pre Tanggers! Tagay na! Di ko na maalala kung anong okasyon noon, talagang makakalimutin na ako. hehehe. Pero tama ka, mid-70s ito. Hmmm. Kung minsan gusto ko rin ang kamatis sa itlog, pero lately nagustuhan ko na yung may kasamang bacon at ham bits. Niluto kasi ng isa naming kabarkada one time. Rapsa!

  6. Love the old family pictures. Now I have to look for mine!

  7. Hey Ricknight! How are you! Yeah I plan to have my other old photos scanned so I can preserve them digitally. Will compile them for access in my other blog too!


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