03 November 2004

X2 United Surprise!

A colleague bought me an original X-Men 2 DVD as a present from an unclaimed Kris Kringle gift of two Christmases ago. It's one of the movies I really love and having the original DVD, along with the bonus disc, is a special treat.

When I played the disc last night, I was in for more surprise. Included in the subtitles is Tagalog! Wow, how cool is that?!

We tried the Tagalog subtitle and was pretty amused by the interpretation. Pretty accurate, though. However, I found it quite a challenge to read through the subtitle, and made it actually difficult to understand the movie. So after around 15 minutes, we switched off the subtitle.

Nice touch though. It means Tagalog (or Filipino, as is now officially known as our national language) is finally being recognized worldwide. Must be because you can spot a Filipino in virtually every corner of the globe.



  1. wow cool! i loved that movie especially as Hugh Jackman is there.

  2. Hi Amie! I hope X3 will even be better!

  3. Sometimes you tend to focus on the subtitle to see if it's really saying the right thing, then you forget about the movie. Hehehe.

  4. true, true. fionski, pa-explain ulit blogrolling please ...


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