30 November 2004

What my day was like (in case you'd like to know)

It's been raining all day. Good thing today's been declared a public holiday due to a theory called "economics of holidays," which states that "dates sandwiched between a weekend and a holiday is not good for the nation's well-being, and should thus be eradicated by closing the apparent gap. Never mind if the essence of the holiday gets lost in the hustle-bustle of work." (November 30th is Bonifacio Day -- a Tuesday -- in commemoration of the heroics by Andres Bonifacio for Philippine Independence. But the day people get time-off from work was moved to today, Monday.)

Now where was I? Oh! It's 8PM and it's still raining! Wow, talk about the first ever whole-day rainfall. Times like this make me just want to bum around in the living room all day. Which is what we did, actually. We've been glued to the TV set since we woke up, alternating between DVDs and regular shows, and visiting the kitchen for some grub once in a while.

While I tried to figure out how my blog template worked later in the afternoon, my wife and our visitors decided to play tong-its, a local card game which is really interesting. Especially if there's cash to be won.

The game was so engaging that they played til it was dinner time. They have left a few minutes ago, and my wife and I are back in front of the TV. It's sooo relaxing to not think about anything and let the day leisurely pass by once in a while.

And a while back, our neighbor dropped by to give some party food! It's his youngest son's birthday. So now, we're having spaghetti, chicken, and ice cream (we were supposed to munch on grapes only): a mini feast to cap-off the last day of the long weekend.

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