03 December 2004

Globe cares, MSN blogs, & the Last Song Syndrome

I received an SMS message from my mobile phone service provider, Globe Telecoms, with this message: "GLOBE CARES! Globe Telecom joins RED CROSS in helping typhoon victims by accepting your donations thru your Handyphone. Choose from these amounts: 5, 25, 50 or 100. Send your donations by texting .... and so on ..."

Question. If Globe really does care, why don't they at least put in an x amount for every x amount that their subscriber donates? I did a quick visit on their homepage, and I don't see anything related to this topic either.

Wala lang. I just thought it was a rather wierd way of showing you care: by letting others do it for you. But kudos to the Red Cross for this initiative. I'm not being self-righteous or something, but the manner it was written looked wrong. When I read it, I interpreted it as "Globe cares. I take credit for your donations." I'm ranting, so on to the next topic ...


Software Giant Microsoft is finally joining the Blogging community with MSN Spaces. I learned about this as I was blog hopping and discovered Taitapa - on the edge.

As the Sandman said, it's still on beta stage, but as it's Microsoft, they will certainly figure out ways to make it user-friendly. I am tempted to register just so I can get the name I want, but I am quite happy with Google's Blogger service, thank you.


Aside from the contagious Yawn Syndrome, there is also this undocumented-but-oftentimes-manifested Last Song Syndrome. It manifests itself when you're listening to a song which doesn't get finished and you end up continuing the song. I usually get this when I'm in a cab and when I get off, the last song would still be playing in my head and I end up singing til I get to the elevator.

Some people in our office do this for fun. They'd sing a couple of lines from a popular tune then stop. Somebody else is bound to pick up where they left off.


Just some thoughts as the business day ends. Happy weekend all!
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