31 December 2004

The PinoyBlog Christmas Party

It was a meeting of old friends.

Which is quite odd actually, considering that it's the first time most of us will be seeing each other. I was cautiously making my way inside Cabalen, scanning the room for familiar faces. And then I saw the PinoyBlog banner almost at the same time that Tito Rolly called out my name! And there they were: Tito Rolly, Jet and Jay, Doc Emer, BongK, Apol, Karla, Ajay, Yuga. I wasn't able to meet everyone then as I had to rush out and buy my gift for the kris kringle. Christmas rush time!

I met the others when I got back: there was the Sassy Lawyer and her family! Vixen, Julsitos, Joyce Jimenez ... have I mentioned before I'm really bad with names? 'Cause I can't remember the other names. But I think there was also a guy named crazylover, and a couple of other ladies I was not able to talk to. After dinner and gift-giving, everyone headed off for coffee at the Podium. We all just sat there, had coffee, and talked. It was like catching up with what's happened with us since we last saw each other ... in the net.

I learned some interesting things in the party. Unkyel Batjay is a leftie and commands presence in real life, Jet is a fun lady, Sassy is a loving mom, Doc Emer is one doctor with great humor, Tito Rolly is really like a tito (uncle), Bong K went to Jakarta, Ajay can be the life of the party, Karla has a quiet composure about her, Apol has a quiet composure about him, Julsitos will be at the hospital waiting for the people who can't learn from the mistakes of others in using firecrackers, Joyce is a sensible woman ... too bad I wasn't able to meet with everyone, as I am naturally not an outgoing person, but it definitely was a jolly bunch.

The group was a mix of happy chatter and laughter. And as they say, time flies when you're having fun. It was already past 12 midnight when the lights started to go off and the store crew commenced cleaning. It was time to go home.

Thank you all for the fun evening! I look forward to seeing you again. And did I mention Ms. Joyce Jimenez drove us home? Happy New Year!

[I'll post other photos later; slow connection today]


  1. hey watsOn. it was nice meeting you my man. enjoy kami ni jet. sana magkita kita tayo ulit. at sana sooner rather than later.

    hanggang sa muli kaibigan. be cool...


  2. Yes, you seemed to be the quiet one. Smoking buddies with Bong K, Sassy and Jet. (Hinto na nyo yan, hehehe)
    You were such a gentleman to accompany Ajay all the way back to Mega mall to retrieve something important. Yes, folks, he's the guy to turn to.

    Can't wait to seeing you again. Let's do that again soon.

  3. You are right to point out the typhoon problems, which were all over the news until the tsunamis hit. These days there is a tendacy to pass on to the next news without considering the last one. Who has given a thought to the kids killed in Beslan recently? That's the way of the world unfortunately; move on, move to the next news.

    In spite of that, I wish you a Happy New Year!

  4. The pleasure in meeting you, BatJay and Tito Rolly, was all mine. Happy New Year to us all!

  5. And a happy new year to you too Sandman!

  6. hi watson!
    ang guwapo naman pala nitong site mo! pwede bang humingi ng tutorials? hehehe...so that next time, i won't just drive you home...i'll drive you crazy! bwahahahahaha!!! just kidding!!! magagalit si inkong rolly!

  7. It was nice meeting you, Watson. 'Sure wish we can do that more often. How about a Valentine pinoybloggers' meeting? Let's ask Ate Sass about it. Abangan ko yung iba mo pang pics ha. Happy New Year to you! =)

  8. Anonymous4:00 am

    happy new year and all the best for 2005!


  9. Happy New Year from frozen Canada!


  10. Hi, happy New Year! Too bad didn't get to chat with you that night. Meron daw uli sa Feb. =)

    About your previous entry, coincidentally, we also had a carnival hat contest for our Christmas party.

  11. happy new year!!!!

  12. Hello Tanggero! Sana sa next eb makakasama ka na!

    Hello Sarah! Happy New Year sa yo!

    Hey Ric! Happy New Year to you too!

    Hi Lorna! Pasensya na ha, medyo shy kasi ako eh. ehehe. Sige next time kwentuhan rin tayo. Pero kinunan ko kayo ng photo, nagkakaproblema lang ako ng upload. Mabagal talaga dial-up link.

    Hi BongK. Happy New Year din sa yo!

  13. happy new year Watson! di tayo masyadong nakapgkwentuhan, pero di bale may next time pa naman. hehe!

  14. Hello Apol! Oo nga eh, medyo mahiyain kasi ako. ehehehe. Sige next time kwentuhan din tayo.

    Hello Amie! Sama ka sa next time ha!


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