23 December 2004

Christmas Party Hats

We celebrated our company Christmas party a couple of nights ago. We had this Christmas Party hat contest with the following criteria: creativity 30%, happiness 15%, originality 30%, themeness 15%, and another item for 10% (which I forgot). The participants came out with nice designs. There were around 9 of them, which I think is an ok turnout, considering that we did not announce that the price is 2,000 pesos for each of the top 5. We thought it will be great for them to join not because of the prize money but for the fun of it.

The organizers also wore hats to promote the contest. I hope we do it again next year.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Nice hats abd a cool idea!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Hello Sandman! What would your hat be like, I wonder?

    Hello ting-aling! I've been hearing that since yesterday from strangers and kids visiting our house! mwehehehe

  3. Anonymous4:47 am

    merry x-mas. hope you had a great one!!!


  4. nice idea party hats! what we had in our Christmas party was "jazz up your jeans". for which i was told that i've got the most creative one but i wasn't allowed to join in since i'm part of the committee. (yawn) going back to bed it's still holiday afterall!

  5. (belated) merry christmas, and a prosperous new year to you and ur loved ones!

  6. Thanks Sarah! Merru Christmas to you too!

    Hi Amie! Dressing up your jeans is a nice idea too! Actually we were asked if we were joining the hat contest too. Sayang, sometimes being in the committee has its disadvantages hehehe.

    Sir Bongk! I'm having a problem accessing your blog these past couple of weeks. Nag-change ba ng address? Merry christmas sa yo!

  7. ahihi

    walang panama yan sakin as a dancing Christmas Gift Box :p


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