13 December 2004

The Magic 8 Ball does not lie.

My colleagues here in Marketing had a heyday with this Magic 8 Ball they purchased at National Book Store. How does it work? Simply ask a question, shake the ball, and the answer is revealed at the opposite side of the "8" tag. Hmmm ... how many sides does a ball have?

Answers to questions like "Shall I have a salary increase next year?", "Will [colleague's name] get married soon?", and "Will my boss give me a Christmas present?" were really very interesting. It ranged from a hazy "Ask again later", to a "Definitely not" or a solid "Yes".

We had quite a laugh with the Magic 8 Ball. We wished making corporate decisions was this fun! This nice novelty item can be yours for around 350 pesos at National Bookstore.


  1. so just questions answerable by yes or no then? it can't give dates? like when am i going to get married or something to that effect? :p

  2. Hello Amie! It can say yes, no, maybe, can't tell. These are in various phrases. No specific dates eh.

    Speaking of dates ... there's a variation of this ball for dating! You can bring this on your date and then ask the ball to give you the answers to your date's questions. :-)

  3. Yeah, the answers from the Magic 8 Ball are quite extensive. You can get "i have my doubts", "outlook so so", "you have to wait", etc. The 8 Ball is indeed fun and sometimes makes trivial choices so much easier.

  4. Answers to questions on questions about life. I wonder if we could turn the earth upside down, would we see answers to things like "are there aliens out there" and....well, it is round and it does spin!

  5. So i guess it cannot give you the answer to the question, "how many sides does a circle have?"

    Answer: 2

    inside and outside

  6. cool toy.. hehe
    my friend has also the magic 8 ball.. :)
    and i asked some questions there too and i found the answers pretty interesting. hehe

  7. Uy, puwede na 'to na regalo mo sa akin..haha

  8. Hello Sari2Winkel! Yup, for some things that do not require much thought and attention, the Magic 8 Ball certainly makes things so much easier.

    Hello Sandman! For those questions I think we need to turn to Carl Sagan :-)

    Tito Rolly! You also have a magic 8 ball? hehehe

    Hello Red_door8. I'm also thinking of buying one but what if I get so dependent on it that I'd base my corporate decisions on its answers? I'd bring it to meetings and read aloud its answers as questions are asked of me. hahaha

    Hello ting aling! Ay akala ko ako ang bibigyan nyo kasi nagustuhan ko sya hehehe

  9. Anonymous9:50 pm

    i really wanna have "MAGIC 8 BALL", i saw that at Bea Alonzo's movie "and i love you so"........ but the price is too much....


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