13 December 2004

The Magic 8 Ball does not lie.

My colleagues here in Marketing had a heyday with this Magic 8 Ball they purchased at National Book Store. How does it work? Simply ask a question, shake the ball, and the answer is revealed at the opposite side of the "8" tag. Hmmm ... how many sides does a ball have?

Answers to questions like "Shall I have a salary increase next year?", "Will [colleague's name] get married soon?", and "Will my boss give me a Christmas present?" were really very interesting. It ranged from a hazy "Ask again later", to a "Definitely not" or a solid "Yes".

We had quite a laugh with the Magic 8 Ball. We wished making corporate decisions was this fun! This nice novelty item can be yours for around 350 pesos at National Bookstore.

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