01 February 2005

Constant Change

[Sarah (at the right) with some members of the volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity last 2004]

Last weekend, the Pack of Wolvers gathered for lunch at The Superbowl of China. It was a despedida (farewell) party for Sarah, who I first worked with in 2000 for less than a year, then we parted ways. She later joined our Marketing Team for a couple of years before moving on again to join a multinational firm. Always on the move, she always is.

Sarah is a burst of life. She is demonstrative of her feelings, and easily influences the crowd atmosphere. As a friend, we had a lot of fun times doing projects and being with friends after office hours, usually just to have coffee and chat, or sometimes watch movies. She was my advisor in adding color to my clothes closet which originally consisted of whites, grays, and browns.

Now, she is leaving for Singapore to mark another momentous event in her career. We will miss you, Sarah. Do come back soon.


Yesterday afternoon, I was doing some html coding to the baguio-quezon site when a Yahoo! Messenger call came in for my wife. It was Tetz! She's one of our closest friends way back in college over ten years ago (she's the one at the left in the above photo, with her sister). She's in Canada now, working to support her family, and soon, she can also pursue her personal dreams and aspirations. It is strange and interesting how our close-knit college friends of 9 have drifed in and out of our lives. One is undergoing treatment for cancer and stays in our apartment when she's in Manila; four of them are now abroad; a couple, I believe, are in Manila, but contact is nil, and another is living in Baguio. Many of us are now married.

My wife and Tetz chatted about old times and caught up on personal events. I'd sneak up a phrase or two while watching TV. It's great to learn that she's doing fine.

Sarah's leaving and an old friend catching up with us brought to mind the song Constant Change. It's a rather sad melody of having to move on just when are finally getting comfortable with where we are. But without change, I reckon things will become dull quite soon enough. So here's to life's pleasant surprises, and of keeping old friends and meeting new ones.
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